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Design Consultations

The Initial Design Consultation is meant to serve as a means for me to “get to know” not only the client but the space(s) involved we well. During this time I typically tour the home/space and listen to the wants and needs of the client. This information is used to develop a Plan of Action for the Design Process. Typical Duration of the Initial Consultation: 1-hour minimum at hourly rate

Color Selection

Many clients see choosing wall color as a daunting task- I’m here to help! A color selection consultation assists clients with making right color choices FIRST! Color Consultations can be one-time-only visits, or can be included as part of Full Service Design. Color selection can also carry over into wallpaper and faux finishing. Choosing right pattern for the walls in your home is crucial, so this is a vital part of the Design Process.


Fabric selection takes place once window treatments, bedding, upholstery, or various others projects have been decided upon. I ask many questions of the client as to their preferences of color, pattern, etc. Once fabrics have been selected and coordinated, those selections are presented to the client for approval. Fabric selection is often one of the most enjoyable parts of the Design Process! Clients enjoy viewing what has been hand-chosen for their space(s).


Faux Finishing

Custom Window Treatments

Blinds, Shutters, Shades

Custom Bedding

Space Planning

Space planning involves placing your furniture pieces, accessories, lighting, etc. in a way that “feels right” to those who spend time there. Scale and Proportion, the size of the pieces and how they compare to one another, are very important aspects of the space planning process and are therefore handled very carefully. Space Planning is another option that can be a one-time visit or apart of the overall design process in a particular space.

Home Staging

Home Staging has become an integral part of selling a home in today’s market. Home Staging is an investment in your current home as well as your future one- the more you make on the sale, the more you have to use toward your next home. Staging has many different levels and we can work together to decide which level is right for you.

Room ReDesign

Don’t have the resources for new furniture and accessories? Or, maybe you have the resources but don’t know what to buy or how to go about pulling it all together? Room ReDesign is the answer! Room ReDesign is simply taking what is yours and making it “new to you” or assisting you with purchasing the new pieces you desire for your space. This one-room design process is tailored to fit your needs and budget.

Personalized Shopping

Holiday Decorating